Saturday, September 20, 2008

Let's go Agile2009!

In this summer, 14 Japanese attendees went to Agile2008 from Japan.
Although some people don't speak English well, we attend the conference,
and we brought many important things to Japan.

We had a meeting to go to Agile2009 from Japan yesterday.
Ten people, included four new comers, gathered at the meeting.
I'd like many japanese to go to Agile2009 and have a session.

By the way, there're several great agilists in Japan .
Seki-san, one of tem, and his team have experienced XP for seven years.
They have been releasing a high quality software iteratively.
One of the keys of their success is continuous testing included automated test
and manual test. His presentation is very popular among japanese agilists.

I want him to make a presentation at Agile Conference someday.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lego powered practice was introduced on InfoQ

Last day, Bug-Lego which a practice of representing software bug with LEGO Bricks was introduced on InfoQ.

In the article, the other practice of using lego, "LEGO Powered Time-Tracking", was introduced too. It's very interesting!!

If I use it, I create meaning on each color, and use them on weekly retrospective meeting.

I'll introduce the practice to my team.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

DearXP - The song of XP Matsuri(XP Festa) in Japan

On Aug 7, Japanese attendees sang and danced "DearXP" on the stage.
I was a Kimono Guy then ;).

We had trained it since Tuesday in Open Space. It was not good enough to do.
But we performed well in the real part!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

I participated Agile2008 in Toronto

I participated in Agile2008,Toronto. And I was back to Japan.

I talked about Tangible Bug Tracking Using LEGO Bricks.
About twenty people attend the session. This was my first session in English.
It was very tense for me to tell attendees. I was sorry to had a some mistakes in the presentation.

And I supported to have a workshop "Exploring user stories through mind mapping".
Many people attended our workshop. I acted as a library clerk in interview demonstration.
Though I read the script, people made me warmly. I appriciated the attendees feeling.

By the way, BUG-LEGO is one of the novel practices in our project. Other of them was mentioned in "The Collection of Practice In Our Team 2006".
The presentation is written in Japanese, I may translate it to English someday.

I met many agilist in Toronto, so I'd like to communicate with them.
Thank you for meeting you!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hello I'm living.

Since now, I'll begin to write blog in English here.

I have a my Japanese blog, Ikitema two(, in my site.
I have wanted to have a english blog in my site too, but I couldn't have it.
So I have found blogger via Google, and decided to use it.

I'd like to write a entry about software development, sustainable society, japan culture, my hobbies, and so on.