Tuesday, August 12, 2008

DearXP - The song of XP Matsuri(XP Festa) in Japan

On Aug 7, Japanese attendees sang and danced "DearXP" on the stage.
I was a Kimono Guy then ;).

We had trained it since Tuesday in Open Space. It was not good enough to do.
But we performed well in the real part!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

I participated Agile2008 in Toronto

I participated in Agile2008,Toronto. And I was back to Japan.

I talked about Tangible Bug Tracking Using LEGO Bricks.
About twenty people attend the session. This was my first session in English.
It was very tense for me to tell attendees. I was sorry to had a some mistakes in the presentation.

And I supported to have a workshop "Exploring user stories through mind mapping".
Many people attended our workshop. I acted as a library clerk in interview demonstration.
Though I read the script, people made me warmly. I appriciated the attendees feeling.

By the way, BUG-LEGO is one of the novel practices in our project. Other of them was mentioned in "The Collection of Practice In Our Team 2006".
The presentation is written in Japanese, I may translate it to English someday.

I met many agilist in Toronto, so I'd like to communicate with them.
Thank you for meeting you!!!